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CowParade and Charity

CowParade Edinburgh is supporting two important Scottish based charities; VETAid, a Penicuik based charity that works to improve the health of some of the world’s poorest people and OneCity Trust which tackles social inclusion/exclusion and inequalities in the City of Edinburgh.

CowParade Edinburgh supports VETAID


VETAID works to improve the health and yield of some of the poorest people in the world. Vulnerable farmers in rural communities are those most in need of assistance, but often the least likely to receive any help. Our work improves the very means of living for these small-scale nomadic farmers, whilst safeguarding food sources for over one million more people each year.

Established in 1989 by veterinary students at Edinburgh University, VETAID has since grown, attracting the support of prominent Scots as ambassadors and supporters of our work. We work closely with other international development organisations bringing our expertise to communities across Mozambique, Kenya, Somaliland and Tanzania.

Vaccinations in Tanzania

Vaccinating Maasai cattle herds against East Coast Fever (ECF) which causes up to 50% mortality amongst calves
Our projects area is a 10 hour drive from Arusha. There are no roads and no communications in the project area

Land rights in Mozambique
Mobilising villages to ‘claim’ their land for agricultural use
Helping to provide the infrastructure so the villages can build schools etc.
Helping villagers to connect with their governments

Basic farm skills in Somaliland
Helping to introduce new crops and new varieties
Teaching good land management
Distributing basic animals health drugs to local farmers
Working against the odds in a country torn apart by civil war and with no internationally accepted government
Chickens for Swaziland
Introducing chickens into families that have been affected by HIV/Aids
Families often consists of grandparents and children—such is the devastation caused by this pandemic

In all countries where we work we encourage basic animal health education, animal traction, promotion of gender issues, animal welfare, environmental sustainability and the formation of community groups. These are not ground breaking activities but simple actions that affect the lives of many families and the animals and land they look after.

We also work with schools and community groups in the Edinburgh area, encouraging youngsters to reflect on how the choices they make now can affect the lives of people overseas and help reduce poverty.
VETAID is a Scottish Registered Charity No: SC004913
CowParade Edinburgh supports OneCity Trust


OneCity Trust was established as a result of a report commissioned by Edinburgh’s Lord Provost in 1998. The purpose of the report was to discover the extent of social exclusion in the city, who experiences it and, importantly, what can be done. A key recommendation arising from the report was to establish an Inclusion Trust.

OneCity Trust was subsequently launched in November 2004 as a charity focused on the City of Edinburgh. The Trust raises funds from companies and individuals to tackle social inclusion and inequalities in income, supporting projects across the city working in education and social welfare.
The core concepts of OneCity Trust are: (1) ‘Participation’ – offering businesses and individuals a simple and effective way to support the needs of the community in which they work and (2) ‘Inclusion’ – whereby the potential of grass roots organisations are optimised by being supported with broadly equal strength rather than concentrating on one to the exclusion of the other – with stronger results.

OneCity Trust has wide support. The Right Honourable Lesley Hinds, Lord Provost, is President and amongst the ambassadors are Sir Tom Farmer, Ian Rankin, Irvine Welsh, Gordon Strachan, Stephen Hendry, Baroness Smith and Alexander McCall-Smith.
The State Street Bank, Baillie Gifford and Scottish and Newcastle are just three of OneCity’s champions. State Street’s fund alone has enabled OneCity to fund educational programmes and a programme focused on the regeneration of the North East of the city.
Charity number: SCO34165


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